adriano of blooper made a mix of seattle bands and we’re on it, as well as hella other artists that we’re lucky to know and listen to!! CHECK IT OUT BROS

The Puget Sounds - New Music from Washington State

Here’s a mix I made of fairly new (2011/2012) music from around here… most of the bands on this are bands I’m friends with, bands I’ve played shows with or bands I’m in. I think it’s a decent showcase of what’s been going on around here.

Listen here!


1. Dude York - And Andrew Too
2. Makeup Monsters - I’m Not Your Boyfriend
3. The Creakies - Arnold’s Song
4. Grave Babies - Nightmare
5. The Maxines - (Gotta Talk About My) Heartbeat
6. Iji - Sitter/Waiter
7. Blooper - Trouble
8. Tacocat - Spring Break-Up
9. Chyeah Chyeah - Strange
10. The Webs - The Dark ‘n Twist
11. Posse - Interesting Thing #2 
12. Orca Team - And She Knows
13. Big Eyes - Why Can’t I
14. Seapony - Blue Star
15. Pony Time - Tacocat Scraps
16. Detective Agency - You & Me
17. Neighbors - Black Angel 

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